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The Year in Review (2010)

As we mark the end of 2010, here are the top ten most-viewed posts from the past 12 months at God Didn’t Say That:

    1. Who Says Homosexuality is a Sin?

    2. Gender in the Updated NIV

    3. Q&A: What’s the best Bible translation to read and study from?

    4. Q&A: How Mistranslation Created Divorce in the Bible

    5. What’s the difference between an eagle and a vulture?

    6. Which Jews Opposed Jesus?

    7. Q&A: The Original Baptism

    8. Review: Professor Ellen van Wolde on bara in Genesis

    9. On James 2:23-24: Why Faith Without Works is Dead

    10. Review: Sin: A History

    Of these, three (on the best Bible to study from, on Ellen Van Wolde’s work on bara, and on Gary A. Anderson’s Sin: A History) were written last year, and I suppose their continuing popularity reflects the centrality of their themes. (And once again, if you haven’t read Dr. Anderson’s book yet, now’s the time. It’s that good.)

    Similarly, only two top-ten posts are from the final quarter of this year, and both (“Gender in the Updated NIV” and “Which Jews Opposed Jesus?“) are about the new NIV translation, reflecting that version’s importance.

    At the other end of the spectrum is “What’s the difference between an eagle and a vulture?” I had fun writing it, but I don’t think it breaks new ground in any way. Maybe it was popular because I threw in some bird photos I took. Or maybe people found it searching on-line for something else.

    2010 also saw the publication, in February, of my And God Said: How Translations Conceal the Bible’s Original Meaning. I’m happy to report that the book, now in its second printing, has generally been received very positively.

    Though my speaking schedule has sometimes made it difficult to post regularly, I hope to continue to address broad theoretical issues in 2011, as well as to focus on specific translation examples. (If you have suggestions, add them to the About page.)

    And as always, I look forward to the many thoughtful and enlightening comments that readers submit.

    Happy 2011.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your insights this year! I look forward to reading more from you next year!


    Comment by Gary Simmons | January 1, 2011

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