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Exploring the Bible Videos

I’m thrilled to announce the beta version of my latest project: Exploring the Bible videos. The site is a growing collection of short text-based videos about the Bible, frequently focusing on translation issues.


The first three videos (also available on YouTube) are:

Longer than a soundbite and (much) shorter than a lecture, each video presents a single idea in two or three minutes.

These first three videos mirror blog posts I’ve written (here, here, and here).

My hope is that these videos will be an effective way of discussing the text of the Bible, because the medium of video makes it possible to display the text as I talk about it.

Please let me know what you think.

I’ll also be grateful if you can ask a few friends or colleagues to take a look — particularly if they don’t follow this blog — so I can get a sense of what these videos are like for people who encounter the material for the first time.


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Where have all the posts gone?

Regular followers of this blog may have noticed that recently there hasn’t been much to regularly follow. In part that’s because I’ve been traveling so much, but mostly it’s because I’ve been working on an exciting new project, as I describe next.

The project, like many, obeyed the 90-90 rule: The first 90 percent of the work took 90 percent of the time I’d budgeted, and the last 10 percent of the work also took up 90 percent of the time…

Now that the beta version is finally live, I hope to have more time to spend here.

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