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New Colors and Font

I’ve spruced up the look of God Didn’t Say That with new colors and a cleaner font (I hope).

What do you think?

January 14, 2010 - Posted by | meta


  1. I am a blog minimalist myself, but the site navigates well. Of course, the most important aspect of a blog is its content. Thank you for your unique contribution to the biblioblogosphere.

    Comment by Joseph Kelly | January 14, 2010

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      Comment by Joel H. | January 14, 2010

  2. I like it – not so much the title colors. Too much, but the nice fades had a great touch

    Comment by Joel | January 14, 2010

    • Okay. We’ll see if I keep the color burst. I’d like to have something colorful somewhere on the page.

      Comment by Joel H. | January 14, 2010

  3. Yeah, Joel, think about the title color burst. I would prefer a little more business-like appearance if it were my blog. I think it looks too much like candy, or a little kid’s blog. You might want to use a single color there, maybe that nice blue you have in the horizontal dividing lines. I do like the colorful box the post is in. Maybe that’s enough color.

    Other than the title color burst, I think the new appearance is great!

    Comment by Gary Zimmerli | January 14, 2010

    • Did you change it a bit while I was posting my comment? It looks a little more muted now. (Of course, at my age I could be imagining it!) Just keep playing with it until it pleases you eyes, Joel.

      Comment by Gary Zimmerli | January 14, 2010

      • Nope. I haven’t changed it in the past 12 hours.

        And I’m a demanding customer — it will never fully please me….

        Comment by Joel H. | January 14, 2010

  4. Verdana ain’t my favorite font; too Microsoft-centric — I’m a Mac and Linux user. Gill Sans is nicer to read. The colors play havoc with my Mears-Irlen Syndrome; color sensistive dyslexia. The tags at the right are too intrusice and in many cases truncated. I think my AdBlockPlus, GreaseMonkey and Stylish add-ons to Firefox will be called into play to make the content readable for me.

    Comment by Maven | January 15, 2010

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