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“God is an Online Forum”

Because this is a blog about translation, I’m curious when people read it in translation. Recently the logs showed me that someone used Google to translate the blog from English into Turkish. I took a look at what the site looked like in Turkish, and then used Google to translate the Turkish back into English.

The “about” section of my blog starts off, “God Didn’t Say That is an online forum….” By the time Google translated it into Turkish and back, it read, “God is an online forum.” (Oops.)

Though most Bible translation mistakes aren’t so severe as what we see here, I think the underlying problem is the same: some translators stop when they have a grammatical translation (though see my last post — sometimes they stop sooner), even though it might not be the right grammatical translation.


February 1, 2010 - Posted by | translation practice, translation theory | , ,

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