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Clayboy on the Preacher’s Fallacy

Clayboy has an informative and well-written post about the mistakes that often follow after someone tries the “what the Greek really says” argument:

One of the biggest warning flags in a sermon comes when the preacher says: “Now, in Greek, the word is … which (literally) means …” Sometimes they know what they’re talking about. More often they are about to pull a fast one.

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And by the way, “informative and well-written” after “Clayboy” almost goes without saying.


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  1. The most annoying and oft-repeated is the “it is finished” where the claim is usually made that “the Greek” says “paid in full.”

    Comment by WoundedEgo | February 7, 2010

  2. Hi,
    That link doesn’t seem to be working.

    Comment by Scripture Zealot | February 7, 2010

    • Thanks. I’ve fixed it.

      Comment by Joel H. | February 7, 2010

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