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A New Collection of Questions and Comments About Bible Translation

The popular Better Bibles Blog (“BBB”) has a new feature: Share, where you can leave questions about Bible translation and share links.

From the announcement there:


We would like to hear from you. The Internet is a big place with far too much interesting stuff for our small group of writers to keep up on. Tell us what you’re reading and what stories on the Internet you’ve discovered that relate to Bible translation.


What questions do you have about Bible translation? Have you read a verse and wondered if it’s an accurate translation? Ask about it here.

Recent questions there have dealt with which translation to choose and the Hebrew word nephesh.

Take a look!


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  1. And Joel, your “About” page was one of the inspirations for that page! (The other was http://boingboing.net/submit).

    Comment by David Ker | November 28, 2010

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