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I’m Back, for a Bit

A while ago my laptop crashed, the result of a virus.

My first repair attempt went like this:

  1. Boot Windows XP from the Installation CD.
  2. Windows: “Windows is examining your hardware … Press ‘R’ to repair Windows.”
  3. Me: “R”
  4. Windows: “Insert repair disk into floppy drive.”

I don’t have a floppy drive. Good job examining the hardware, Windows.

“If Windows made cars, you’d be driving from NY to LA, and somewhere around the Rockies the radio would stop working, and you’d be asked to turn the car off and on again. And when you did, you’d be back in NY.”

On one hand, I’m lucky, because I use a different computer for writing, so I didn’t lose anything important. I only use the laptop for three things: to connect to my main computer when I travel; for Bibleworks, which is an indispensable Bible research tool; and for Web-intensive applications, like WordPress. But when the virus hit, I lost those three.

In spite of a background in Computer Science (from my year doing graduate work at the Technion in Israel), I didn’t have the inclination or the patience to reinstall Windows, but I was left with little choice, because I need Windows XP (which they don’t sell any more) and I didn’t want to give up the unlimited data plan that comes with my internal Verizon data card.

Fortunately, I have the installation disks, including the Windows CD and Dell’s supplemental disks.

Unfortunately, simply following the instructions doesn’t work. (It never does.)
One particularly frustrating moment came when the newly installed Windows couldn’t find the Ethernet driver. “Do you want to connect to the Internet to find a driver?” Windows asked.

At any rate, the computer mostly works now. It still gives an error message every time it boots. Oddly, I can’t view PDF files, because installation of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader fails with a “general error.” And there are other quirks. But it works.

Still, between a crippled computer, lots of travel, and even more writing, I’ve been away from this blog for too long. I’m back now, for a bit, on and off, until things calm down.

May 9, 2012 - Posted by | meta, Off Topic


  1. Re “Unfortunately, simply following the instructions doesn’t work. (It never does.)”
    … that phenomenon was recognized even in ancient times —
    see Ezekiel 20:25, where God Himself /a/ describes this particular application of Murphy’s law, and /b/ takes direct responsibility for it!

    Comment by Kate Gladstone | May 9, 2012

    • LoL! Thank you! I love it!

      Of course, it required Microsoft to come up with the ingenious plan to write Murphy’s Law into code…

      Comment by Colleen Harper | May 10, 2012

  2. Perhaps there is a message there. I love my iMac.

    Comment by Irving (Road Runner) Zlotnik | May 9, 2012

  3. If Adobe doesn’t work, try Foxit Reader

    Comment by Richard | May 15, 2012

    • Wow. Thanks for this!

      Comment by Joel H. | May 15, 2012

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