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Publication of “The Warwick Files: Revenge”

From my personal blog:

The Warwick Files:  Revenge

The Warwick Files: Revenge

It gives me great pleasure to announce the publication of “Revenge,” the second story in my thriller series, “The Warwick Files.”

In “Revenge,” a woman breaks off an affair with the governor, pitting Police Chief Kai Goodman against the State Police.

Like the first story, “Revenge” features Coyote “Kai” Goodman, whose past is so secret that even his cover story is classified. The setting is Warwick, NY, where, according to the official count, there are no spies.

The story is available in paperback for $3.95, and, like most short stories, for only $0.99 on Kindle. Or start reading the story for no-charge on-line.

To celebrate this release, the Kindle edition of “Checkpoint” — the first story in the series — is a free download, but only today.

I hope you enjoy reading “Revenge” it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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  1. For anyone interested, especially Joel, there is an excellent discussion going on at Amazon


    about the Jeremiah 31:31 difference between ‘chudashah’ and ‘chadsahah’, REnewed Covenant, versus “New Covenant”. It is a crucial distinction in understanding the (not!) ‘NEW COVENANT. The Word is the “REnewed” Covenant, INSIDE the devotee. I wondered about this for years until “Gershom” explained the Masorete/LXX foul-up on this word form.

    Look for James Carlson, Gershom, and sahansdal’s (me) posts on this date (8:35 pm is the one I copied)

    Comment by Robert Wahler | April 14, 2013

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